blackpaw's Journal

A low milage journal.

Black Paw
16 July
I am your everyday average fun loving cheetah. Did he say cheetah ? Thats right , Cheetah. I consider myself part of a group that calls themselves "furrys". If you dont know what a furry is, look it up, you might find out something new about yourself. I enjoy hanging out with friends, meeting new ppl and just plain having a good time. I also have a obsesion with sports. I play football, soccer, paintball, and any other sport that I might want to try out. Im also a practicing artist, which means that im not that good, YET.. I will be attending college to help out with my drawing, so I expect to start seeing results of my labors soon. I read on any occation that im not doing anything, which is rare now adays but it happens. Some of my favorite things to do is take long drives in my car and just sit in a secluded place alone and contemplate on my thoughts. One of my favorite places is lookout mountain, located by Golden, Colorado. Other than that im just your average everyday nice person, well I hope so any ways. '=3