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I haven't said anything for years. Don't know why I think this is the time or why I think anyone would anyone would even read this. Things have changed so much sense my last post. There have been ups and downs, I have learned a lot and changed so much. I learned that I've been a fool and been a made a fool of. People learn and life goes on. I still am who I am and I realize that nothing anyone can do will change that. I had a house, lost it, now live in an apartment for yet a unknown time. I feel like I'm always taking a step backwards whenever I feel like I'm moving forward. Am I in the clear now or is this a feign just like the other times...?

Busy Tuesday

Tuesday was a very productive day for me. I was finnally able to get around to fixing my car up again... What was wrong with my car? Well, a few weeks ago, I had my first break in ever. The thief broke out my right passenger side window and made an attempt to steal my strereo. The only problem with that is, the guy was way too dumb to figure out how to do it. Instead it looks like my cd player was raped by a screwdriver. After totally destroying my player, he got frustrated and just poped my trunk and took 2 tennis racquets... So, a quick run down on all things he went though to get those. I got a broken window, a broken dash, a broken climate controal and a broken Cd player. ALL FOR 2 RAQUETS!!!

Anyways, I digress. On tuesday I was finnally able to get to the repairs from all this along with getting to look at a house. I ended up waking up about 7am, getting ready in hopes that this house would be worth looking at. When we get there, the ad they had was totally wrong. In the listing they said it was a 6 bedroom.. When we get there, its in a nieghborhood that I used to live in years ago and not one of my favs. The supposed 6 bedrooms turned out to be 2 real bedrooms, 3 1/2 bedrooms that werent even legal to live in because of the way the windows were built didnt allow for easy escape in case of a fire. The sixth supposed bedroom ended up being a dinning room that the lady decided she would list as a bedroom... The whole place looked just run down and over all a big waste of our time.

When we got home from all this, I gave a call to elite auto glass to have someone come down and replace my broken window. In the mean time, we just hungout downstairs, smoked some hookah and messed around with getting the media box hooked up to the projector. WoW displayed on an entire wall is well... Just wow. ^.^ About the time the guy finnally showed up, all the night crew people had already made thier way to sleep. I was accually very impressed with the speed that the guy replaced my window. I swear, it took him about 10 min to finnish everything up and it wasnt a half ass job either, this guy was just good.

From there, I went to car toys to get a replacement for my CD player. I ended up picking up a Kenwood KDC-X591 and installed it when I got home. It took me about 30 min to get it all wired up and mounted into my car. During this process, I realized that the person that was trying to take my old player was even dumber than I previously thought. Ok, he had the dash cover off, which showed all the screws that were holding it in... Mind you, he was using a screwdriver to try to pry it out, the same one that I had sitting in my car im thinking. With that same screwdriver it took me less then 2 min to unscrew 4 screws and slide it out... I mean seriously, did you have to fuck up my dash to fail at figuring out what the real purpose ofa screwdriver is? A quick hint, its not for prying. >.<

After getting everything cleaned up and testing out my new sound, I had my arms filled with trash to take out. In this process, I forgot to remove my keys from the ignition. >.< I locked my damn keys in the car, along with my jacket which had my phone in it!! At that point I was furious. I had to borrow my roommates phone just to call someone to pop the lock for me. There is nothing that excites me more than sitting outside, in the cold, without a jacket just to wait for a very late locksmith. I told one of my friends about this and of course got a smart ass responce, "why didnt you just break the window out?". OK, I admit, it was funny. Just would have been funnier if it wasnt me that it happened to.

Over all, its nice to have a fixed up car and working music. I didnt realized just how much I missed having music in my car. The sound of my engine is only entertaining for so long.

Happy V-Day!

Daft Punk- Digital Love

Last night I had a dream about you
In this dream I'm dancing right beside you
And it looked like everyone was having fun
the kind of feeling I've waited so long

Don't stop come a little closer
As we jam the rythm gets stronger
There's nothing wrong with just a little little fun
We were dancing all night long

The time is right to put my arms around you
You're feeling right
You wrap your arms around too
But suddenly I feel the shining sun
Before I knew it this dream was all gone

Ooh I don't know what to do
About this dream and you
I wish this dream comes true

Ooh I don't know what to do
About this dream and you
We'll make this dream come true

Why don't you play the game ?
Why don't you play the game ?

Quick updates.

In my long absence from LJ, alot of things have changed in my life. All for the better mind you.

I moved back to Boulder a few months ago and I missed this place so much. Westminster never really did anything for me. I just never really like the whole atmosphere there. I'm currently living with Taiho, Levi and Looksfar. Its a good house hould and hopefully when we get everything in order here we will resurect the pizza nights that me and Taiho used to run when we lived together years ago.

Along with my move to Boulder, I just got my promotion offcially and will be transfering Stores to a Boulder location. ^.^ Its kinda exciting but at the same time, im a unsure of what to expect at this location. I dont know anyone that works there and its also going to be a busier store than what im used to. Im sure that everything will be fine. It just might take me awhile to get settled in there. With all the events going on last week, at my old store, they were asking me if I wanted to stay there instead of transfering... Last week, one of the Head Clerks there, Tina, was fired for giving out cigs to the underaged Clerks there. This left them rather short handed and I would have loved to stay but I could see myself driving there everyday for work. I would much rather be at a closer location and essecially with the gas prices the way they are.

More updates later, im short on time and must get ready for work. ^.^

Rain and lots of work. x.x

Its been raining for a good part of yesterday and most of today. Normally I dont mind rain but it always seems to draw in large crouds of people at my job. Because of this, ive been in the check stand for most of the day. I've had a late break and now a very late lunch. 2 and a half hours late to be exact. That and the lotto pull for today wasnt broken down for when I had to count out my drawer, which cause me a bit of frustration considering that I had it all but counted out and found it sitting to the side. >.> That ate up anouther 20 min that I didnt really have to spare. Guh! Ok, im done bitching for today. Just cant wait to get off and get some much needed sleep, have to back in in the morning. x.x

New Icon.

Not much to update on for today but I did get a new Icon. ^.^

Somehow, im not surprised.

I was just informed, while at work, that I will have to work the Bakery for a week while Patti is on Vacation. Im not pleased at this news. I dont see how they expect me to finnish my training when they cant even keep me up there long enough to do it. >.

God im short. ^.^

Last night, I had my friend sam come over to hang out for a bit, smoke a bowl or two and play a few games. Kine was messing around with my camera and took a pic of us smoking on the porch. I took one look at that pic and the first thing that came to mind is, god I look tiny next to him. ^.^ Please excuse the hat hair. I had to work in the Bakery that morning and had just taken off my hat.

Big Fat Blahness. >.

Im feeling rather down today. Im in a horrible mood, not really wanting to do much. x.x I think ill drink alot.

Fun day yesterday.

Yesterday was an interesting day at work. Im still learning all the ropes in my new position and had to start learning the registers yesterday. ^.^ I'm liking it so far, except for the fact that the person that was supposed to be training decided that they were going to just throw me on one and leave, expecting me how to do everything. >.< I did fine but when I had questions on things, she was nowhere to be found and I ended up having to figure alot of it out myself. Thankfully, everyone that I was checking out was patient with me, essepecially when they saw my name badge read Bakery Manager on it still.

Speaking of the Bakery, it seemed too good to be true that I would be completely done with it and it was. As it turns out, they are still very shorthanded back there and, like yesterday, I had to cover a void back there from 3-5. It wasnt so bad but im also supposed tobe training and its realyl cutting into the short ammount of time they gave me to learn it all.

After I got off work, I got a call from Levi. He had a fairly bad day at work, so I headed over there to try to cheer him up a bit. We stayed and chatted a bit at the Hookah lounge by his place and I have got to say, it was really relaxing there. I will ahve to make more visits to that place.

From there, we head to to tai's place, so we could go out and get some food before he had to head into work. We talked about alot of the old days. How we used to do all sorts of crazy stuff together in Boulder. Sence then, i've really mellowed out. I really dont do crazy stuff anymore. Not too sure if its a good thing or a bad thing. We will see what happens when we move back in together in April. ^.^

All and all, it was a good night, im just really dragging at work today. x.x I dont know why, I just feel drained and totally untalkative. I only have 4 hours left, then I can enjoy my day off. Dont know what im goign to do yet though.