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Yay for MeMes

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Brief update on my new job.

I should have knowen this would happen. The schedule that they told me that I would have at work isn't going to happen. I ended up having tues and fri off, instead of fri and sat like they said they were going to give me but days ago. Aside from that though, im liking my new job so far. The run down of everything I do there is about what I thought it would be. I tell people what to do, I count money, I stand around. ^.^ Its really relaxing accually. I hope I can remain interested in this position longer than I could the Bakery. We will see.

Goodbye to the Bakery.

Today is my last day back in the bakery. I finnally get my transfer to my new department tomarrow. Im rather excited about this for a few reasons. I get to finnally have something new to do at my job. I get much much better hours and my days off are going to be friday and Saterday. ^.^ What does this all mean? Well, ill be able get my social life back in order. I dont have to worry so much about going to sleep early so I make sure im rested for work. My new hours there are going to be 10:30-7pm. mmmm, prime hours for once. My only worry is, my first day is going to be on the busiest day of the week. I hope my training goes smoothy but I really dont think that I should have any problems.


I really miss being able to do stuff like This to my hair. x.x

Happenings here and pictures.

Yesterday could have been better for me, I suppose. I never got a call from Genom. Nor did he answer my call. Im kinda hurt over this but not too surprised at the same time. Im kinda sick of his lake of awareness of me. >.< Thankfully, I did have some stuff planed for the day. I ended up going over to my brothers place, to hang out, drink a bit and watch a few movies. I just kinda wish I headed over there earlier than I did. I left my place at about 15 till five. At that time, it was snowing and with the trafic, I didnt accually make it to his place till about 7pm. Nothing too exciting happened there but I still had some fun and took some pictures on him and his wife. ^.^

This morning, when I got back to my place, I went out with Kine to drive the mountains and take some pics of the snow fall up there. While walking to get to a place for some nice pics, we heard a train and wanted to hurry to get a good pic of it heading over a bridge. I ended up triping and hurting my leg a bit and cutting my hand on some of the tracks there. *rubs his leg* Its still a bit sore but at the same time satisfing. As wierd as it sounds, I kinda like getting banged up a bit. Makes me feel like ive accually done something.

Anyways, most of the pictures that I take are in my Live journal scrap book. Its a bit small but then again, I just started it.


Whats that you say?

Im so irritated. They had some water damage, at my work, in the mens bathroom, from a leak upstairs. This means they have to repair it. Noone is supposed to go into the mens bathroom there. So, this means that we have to use the porto pottys outside.... In the cold. >.< They say its going to be this way for 2 weeks.


Went out this morning to warm my car up and guess what? More snow. x.x Thankfully its not that much at all.

Cold Car

Happy wabbit!

This has got to be the fatest rabbit plush that I have ever seen. He looks so happy though. o.o


I had a late shift tonight. When I got off at 9pm, I gave Levi a call to hang out and to check out my new glass piece. ^.^ We ended up getting hungry, so I made a pizza and burnt my poor hand. I just find it funny, that for all my hours as a baker, I almost never burnt myself. I cook a pizza at home and I burn my hand trying to pull it out. x.x