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Fun day yesterday.

Yesterday was an interesting day at work. Im still learning all the ropes in my new position and had to start learning the registers yesterday. ^.^ I'm liking it so far, except for the fact that the person that was supposed to be training decided that they were going to just throw me on one and leave, expecting me how to do everything. >.< I did fine but when I had questions on things, she was nowhere to be found and I ended up having to figure alot of it out myself. Thankfully, everyone that I was checking out was patient with me, essepecially when they saw my name badge read Bakery Manager on it still.

Speaking of the Bakery, it seemed too good to be true that I would be completely done with it and it was. As it turns out, they are still very shorthanded back there and, like yesterday, I had to cover a void back there from 3-5. It wasnt so bad but im also supposed tobe training and its realyl cutting into the short ammount of time they gave me to learn it all.

After I got off work, I got a call from Levi. He had a fairly bad day at work, so I headed over there to try to cheer him up a bit. We stayed and chatted a bit at the Hookah lounge by his place and I have got to say, it was really relaxing there. I will ahve to make more visits to that place.

From there, we head to to tai's place, so we could go out and get some food before he had to head into work. We talked about alot of the old days. How we used to do all sorts of crazy stuff together in Boulder. Sence then, i've really mellowed out. I really dont do crazy stuff anymore. Not too sure if its a good thing or a bad thing. We will see what happens when we move back in together in April. ^.^

All and all, it was a good night, im just really dragging at work today. x.x I dont know why, I just feel drained and totally untalkative. I only have 4 hours left, then I can enjoy my day off. Dont know what im goign to do yet though.


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